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Welcome to Voice Connections
Voice Mail Needs --

Thank you for considering our services. Since 1989, Voice Connections has provided a low cost alternative for local and long distance phone service. Our most popular product is our Virtual Office Telephone Service. A pioneer in the field, Voice Connections remains the leader in customer satisfaction. We offer Voice Mail with Operator Revert, Voice Mail with Transfer Capabilities, Standard Voice Mail, Universal numbers with extensions, Live Answering Service, Pager Service, Business Telephone sertvice, 800 and Metro telephone numbers, and Fax Numbers and service. 

You can contact us at any of these numbers:
Metro 972 647-1074 or 817 868-7554
Fax: 972-606-7525

Or you can sign up by clicking here .

Phone Service --

With our Virtual Office Telephone Service we provide a Business Telephone number that takes the place of a 'Telephone System'.  With Virtual Office your number is answered with a recorded message or live operator.  You set the system to take your messages, play recorded messages, or transfer calls to as many extensions as you need.  With the live operator messaging, you can choose to have your messages transmitted to email or fax or held for your pickup.  Recorded messages can be transmitted as .wav files to be played on your computer [with speakers] through email or held for playback.

What We Offer --

We have quite a few options for voice mail and fax service.  Our basic local telephone numbers are $11/month and our metro numbers are $15/month. You can have various options added including Caller ID, fax and transfer capabilities. Our transfer service can replace an expensive phone system. It allows callers to reach you at any local number at your discretion and programmable by you. Each employee or service can have an extension with messaging or the caller can be transferred to a cell or both. We include message alert (notification) to a cell or both. We include message alert (notification) to a pager or cell at no extra charge.

Our live operator service is available with your universal number for $25/month allowing unlimited voice mail messaging with each call that is transferred to an operator at $.50 each. Live service is $55.00/month & includes 100 calls with overcalls $.40 each. Or $25/month plus $1.00/minute. Messages from operator can be faxed, texted or emailed. We waive the activation fee with prepaid service of three months.

Jim Lowenberg
Voice Connections